How to Prosper As a Consultant by Understanding Your Personality Type – The 5 Keys to Success

When because a career as a coach, you charge to actuate your own strengths by assessing your personality blazon and the agnate personality attributes. This will advice you ascertain your breadth of expertise, the blazon of drillmaster you wish to be, the blazon of abutment you wish to provide, and the blazon of audience you wish to attract.

Key 1 – What is your personality type?

The aboriginal footfall in chargeless the blazon of consulting that aligns with your personality blazon is to accept who you are.

According to David Keirsey, an Educational Psychologist and the architect of the Keirsey Attitude Sorter, there are four “temperament types”. These attitude types anatomy a arrangement of alignment personality types that are accept agnate attributes. These are:

1. The Artisians

2. The Guardians

3. The Rationals

4. The Idealists

The Artisians

Artisians are accurate aerial that get their advice from their senses and adopt solid information. They are aswell chargeless alcohol and adopt a adjustable and adjustable lifestyle.

The Guardians

Guardians are accurate thinkers which agency they get their advice from their senses and adopt alive with advice that can be accepted with what you can see, hear, blow or smell. They like a structured and planned affairs and their alternative is for aegis and safety.

The Rationals

Rationals are the automatic thinkers. This agency they get their advice from their intuition and they adopt searching at the big picture. The way their apperception works is, they adulation the abstract. They see patterns and access and they assay and accomplish decisions logically and objectively.

The Idealists

Idealists are automatic feelers. They get their advice from their intuition. Adopt searching at the big account and adulation the abstract. They accomplish decisions subjectively, based on their claimed ethics and affliction about humans feelings.

Under anniversary temperament, there are 4 personality types for a absolute of 16 personality types. These personality types accord with the personality types based on the works of Carl G. Young and the acclaimed Meyers-Briggs 16 Personality Types.


Entrepreneurs and Promotors (ESTP)

Entertainers and Performers (ESFP)

Master Craftsman (ISTP)

Directors and Composers (ISFP)


Chief Executive Officers (ESTJ)

Peacemakers (ESFJ)

Results-Oriented Experts (ISTJ)

Master-Servants (ISFJ)


Commanders in Chief (ENTJ)

Master Innovators (ENTP)

Chief Strategists (INTJ)

Visionary Thinkers (INTP)


Inspiring Agents (ENFJ)

Champions and Causes (ENFP)

Healing Counselors (INFJ)

Mystic Heroes (INFP)

Key 2 – What needs are you accomplishing that aligns with your personality?

The additional key is to accept the charge that you are fulfilling. Whether it is award a job, accident weight or affairs the adapted equipment, audience will appear to you to break their problem. Your adeptness to acutely ascertain their goals will accredit you to adjudge if you can accommodate the consulting account they need. If you anticipate you can break everyone’s problems there is a acceptable adventitious you will break no one’s problems. You accept to be able to say “NO” to abeyant audience that are not in alignment with your expertise.


1. Drillmaster entrepreneurs

2. Acting coach

3. Fitness coach

4. Song autograph coach


1. Business recruiting coach

2. Workplace teamwork drillmaster creating accord and harmony

3. Technology able apprenticeship businesses on their computer needs

4. Accountability drillmaster to accumulate humans on track


1. Business apprenticeship with Chief Executive Officers

2. Product development coach

3. Business action coach

4. Medical analysis coach


1. Motivational apostle and coach

2. Work with underprivileged students

3. Counselor alive with humans affecting issues, weight accident coach

4. Spiritual coach

Key 3 – What are the expectations of the client?

In my acquaintance there are at atomic 4 types of expectations. Audience searching for apprenticeship will appear to you for your training and knowledge. If you accept advice they wish based on your acquaintance again they are searching for authentic content. Accountability is about allowance audience ability a plan to ability a ambition and befitting them motivated and affective in the adapted direction. I accept formed with this blazon of drillmaster and they will draw the answers out of a applicant and say things like, “you accept all the answers.” They are not agents – they animate you to attending within. Transformation is about results. These types of consultants are paid to deliver. A applicant that wants to accomplish added money or get a bigger physique is paying for results. The endure type, the connector, is like a matchmaker. They accept an account of humans and assets to draw on. They acquisition out what a applicant needs and meets that charge by authoritative the affiliation to the adapted resource.

1. Education

A. Fitness

B. Business

C. Nutrition

D. Acting

E. Sales

2. Accountability

A. Life coach

B. Diet consultant

C. Fitness trainer

D. Business Coach

3. Transformation/Results

A. Fear of accessible speaking

B. Prepare you physique architecture contest

C. Prepare for the Olympics

D. Accomplish a actor dollars

E. Manage your money get out of debt

F. Body, Mind, Soul

G. Affecting healing

3. Connector

A. Headhunter

B. Marketing

C. Agent

D. Social Media Consultant

E. Matchmaker

Key 4 – What is your adjustment of supply of your services?

The supply of your casework needs to fit with you personality attributes. You will wish to accede your abundance akin with altered apprenticeship methods, such as speaking in foreground of ample groups, one-on-one coaching, speaking over the phone, agnate by email or some added platform, and acquisition the supply belvedere that works best for you.

1. Phone

2. Accessible Speaking

3. Mastermind calls

4. Explain what’s in a book you accept written

5. Teleseminar

6. Teaching

7. Interview

Key 5 – What is the amount or amount of your services?

You charge to actuate your amount anatomy and the amount of the account you are providing. The blazon of apprenticeship you provide, as able-bodied as the adjustment of supply may drive the appraisement anatomy based accepted standards.

1. Fixed price

2. Percent of change in income, investments (financial coach), bacon (headhunter)

3. Monthly fee

4. Hourly rate

5. Group bales amount assorted with amount of sessions (1-3 sessions/4-7 sessions)


In advancing a career in consulting or coaching, it is acute for you to appraise your own personality and the agnate personality traits. The compassionate of yourself and your strengths, and anecdotic your breadth of expertise, will advice you to be an effective, successful, and approved coach.

Evaluate the 5 Keys:

1. Personality

2. Problem

3. Solution

4. Process

5. Price

People will pay for:

1. Education

2. Accountability

3. Transformation

4. Connections